Here are a few resources to keep you abreast of what is going on with technology and blended learning:

Two professional development resources I have noted are: Online Learning Insights a place for learning about online education. The hyperlink to this website is: * This resourceful website includes various links by topic for faculty, instructors, K-12 educators, and instructional designers looking for ideas, inspiration and/or skill development specific to online or blended learning and instruction. The resources provided are of high-quality and support knowledge and skill development. The second resourceful website for Instructors is **eLearning Technology the hyperlink is: ***. I loved this log because it had a plethora of resources from all over. Students and Instructors are able to utilize these resources to enhance their current modules. I love this resource because teachers and students from all over the world can get on and collaborate and tell their stories as what worked for them and what didn’t